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Latest TriTrack News and Events

July 26, 2013
Georgetown, TX
Crowdfunding has started as a way to get public involvement in making TriTrack happen faster. The link to the campaign is http://bit.ly/11kPt3Z

June 28, 2013
Denver, Colorado
We responded to the Advanced Guideway System Feasibility Study Request for Financial Information for the Rocky Mountain Flyer running TriTrack from Denver Airport to Vail and the ski resorts in the area. Funding in excess of $1.3 billion was found for this challenging route over the continental divide over the top of the Eisenhower Tunnel.

May 17, 2013
Denver, Colorado
CDOT issued a request for financial information for the I70 corridor project. Train competitor is at $30.92 billion.

November 5, 2012
Georgetown, Texas
Received confirmation letter form CDOT that they received our response to the I70 corridor project from Denver to Vail over the continental divide for what the letter calls “I-70 Advanced Guideway System”.

November 1, 2012
Miami, Florida
Flew to Key West to view the site for building a 180 mph guideway 2.2 miles over the Gulf of Mexico on top of the ruins of the historic Flagler railroad to Pigeon Key. Bid estimate came in with payback to Florida in 2.38 years. State’s federally funded program required wasting $40 million to create a jogging trail.

October 10, 2012
Georgetown, Texas
TriTrack Mountain Flyer was submitted to the Advanced Guideway System Project to the Division of Transit and Rail Colorado Department of Transportation. This 103 mile long central route goes over the continental divide over the mountain over the Eisenhower Tunnel connecting Denver to Vail Colorado.

September 7, 2012
Denver, Colorado
CDOT issued a Request for Statements of Technology Information for the Interstate 70 corridor Advanced Guideway System Project.

August 16, 2012
Key West, Florida
Cost estimates were compiled to build a TriTrack from Knight’s Key to Pigeon Key over the top of the Flagler historic railroad bridge.

January 12, 2012
Vienna Austria University of Vienna
Contributed to Innovation Workshop: Smart City Solutions sponsored by Kapsch TrafficCom AG. Innovators were invited to develop new concepts for transportation for future mega cities. TriTrack was accepted well by the graduate students running the workshop.

August 5, 2011
Austin, Texas
CAMPO issued a Call for Project Applications – Phase II which we responded to The Texas Flyer is the proposal to go from a park and ride in Georgetown, TX near Williams Drive and I 35 to downtown Austin at 2nd Street and I35 park and ride and instant car rental. This $20 million project would take 18,000 passengers per hour off the I35 corridor which is choked to a crawl Monday through Saturday.

October 7, 2011
Georgetown, TX
100 sets of wheels, brakes, master cylinders and a set of lithium batteries arrived from our China suppliers.

December 6, 2010
Georgetown, Texas
Pilot production mold is reconditioned and starting the second car body. The first car body is now in Silicon Valley. NYSERDA rejected our proposal for advanced transportation November 23, 2010. TCEQ has a grant proposal for reducing NOx in Texas air via ZoomHydro.

November 12, 2009
Georgetown, Texas
Today we received our $4000 shipment of composites and kevlar honeycomb for the first 20-foot long car body. The rear swing arm castings are on the ship coming from China and the prototype is progressing nicely.

November 22, 2008
Georgetown, Texas
The positive male mold for the race car body has been made in fiberglass and the front suspension castings are in house.

May 8, 2008
Georgetown, Texas and Ningbo China
Tooling and pilot production parts were ordered for the major front suspension components today.

April 10, 2008
Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas
Next week WBAP radio is doing five radio interview segments of the TriTrack. Reporter Lance Liguez will be interviewing us here at Roane Inventions Inc. This will air at 5:45 and 7:45 AM Monday through Friday. The WBAP web site will also carry the broadcast and photos from the interview.

February 26, 2008
Georgetown, Texas
The third of four patents for the TriTrack issued. "Production Vehicle for TriTrack Transportation System" Patent No. 7,334,524

October 19 & 20, 2007
Santa Monica CA at the AltCar Expo
The TriTrack will be presented at the Alternative Car Expo. The panel discussion topic at 2:30 on the 20th is titled: Restructuring Transit Service in LA to Respond to the Needs of the Riders. This should be an interesting panel discussion.

September 28, 2007
Austin, TX - US Patent Office
The claims from our third patent have been allowed. This patent covers the process of guideway construction. The name for this automated guideway building machine is the TriTracker.

August 1, 2007
Austin, TX
The TriTrack has been selected by the selection committee to be in the Automotive X PRIZE. The decision committee reads like a whos who of transportation. We are honored to be a part of this effort. Press Release

November 22,2006
The second of four patents for the TriTrack issued. "TriTrack System of Mass Transit" Patent No. 7,127,999

September 10, 2006
Texas Transportation Institute, Bryan, Texas
TxDOT Awards Contract to CEETI for Study of Dual Mode Automated Transportation The study titled "Alternatives Analysis for Initial & Future TxDOT Deployment of a Dual Mode, Automated Transportation System" is a one year project that began September 1, 2006. This study will survey the dual mode technology currently under development and identify the three to five technology leaders for more detailed study. Specific deployment opportunities will be identified and a comparative analysis of two alternative designs will be completed. Finally, a method will be developed to monitor future progress as technologies mature.

July 12, 2006
Denver Colorado-- Solar 2006 Conference
TriTrack will be represented on the plenary panel for transportation that is compatible with solar energy input levels. This will be interesting as Roger Duncan who is promoting plug-in hybrids will be on this same panel. The two technologies will go head to head. It promises to be interesting.

May 19, 2006
Washington DC
Presented to US Senate Staffers --Technology Briefing Electrifying Transportation by Texas A&M University and CEETI (Center for Energy, Environment and Transportation Innovation. For a copy of the power point email JRoane@TriTrack.net

March 31, 2006
Palo Alto, California
Innavenir and Roane Inventions submitted an application for the ICAT 2006 grant program. This grant would be used to help build a working demonstration system with 4500 feet of guideway and a prototype car for a 200,000 mile life-test.

March 3, 2006
Austin, TX
Today we had a second meeting with UT Austin referencing our proposal to them. The meeting went very well. There is more in the works that we have been asked to keep under wraps. We hope to let that go public soon.

January 31, 2006
Washington DC
From the State of the Union Speech-- “America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. The best way to break this addiction is through technology.”… “We must also change how we power our automobiles. We will increase our research in better batteries for hybrid and electric cars…” “Breakthroughs on this and other new technologies will help us reach another great goal: to replace more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025. (Applause.) By applying the talent and technology of America, this country can dramatically improve our environment, move beyond a petroleum-based economy, and make our dependence on Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past. (Applause.)” This is a major change in direction.

November 6-10, 2005
ITS World Congress, San Francisco, CA
We will attend the 12th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems in San Francisco to see what the state of the art is in advanced transportation.

August, 2005
We attended another TxDOT comissioner's meeting. The minutes are available here.

August 2, 2005
The first of four patents for the TriTrack issued. "TriTrack System of Mass Transit"

August 1, 2005
Roane Inventions has partnered with Innavenir, based in Palo Alto, CA to bring the TriTrack to California. Innavenir has submitted information to Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger in hopes of generating more interest. Shannon Weiner is the contact at Innavenir.

June 22, 2005
A new emergency stop video shows a row of cars stopping after a catastrophic event. The lead car in this video stops at a survivable rate. The slowing G force is less and less for each of the rest of the cars in the row. (video takes a little while to load)

June 14, 2005
The transportation bill was signed by Governor Rick Perry. It includes a floor amendment introduced by Senator Barrientos with assistance from his staffer Graham Keever, with text defining the TriTrack in the bill. This clears the way for the TriTrack guideway to be built by TxDot.

May 5, 2005
We received a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency demonstrating support for our unsolicited proposal to TxDot.

May, 2005
We are beginning the process of submitting an Unsolicited Proposal to the Department of Energy. In our proposal, we suggest a track between Austin and Houston, cutting the travel time by 2/3 and cost by 1/2.

March 24, 2005
Meeting with TxDOT in Austin, TX.
Met with Doug Woodall, Director of Turnpike Planning and Development, to discuss and refine our unsolicited proposal.

March 11, 2005
Austin Energy, Austin, TX
We met with Roger Duncan, Deputy General Manager of Austin Energy and showed him the TriTrack. He is working on a plug-in hybrid program and showed interest in our project.

March, 2005
Applied for a grant from the California Air Resource Board's Innovative Clean Air Technologies Program (ICAT).


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