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TriTrack Infrastructure and the Power Company

We can help them:

The current power grid is run at a load factor of 40% to 50%. By adding energy storage into the power grid system, this load factor can be brought up to 95%, meaning better efficiency at the power plants and a cost savings passed on to the customer. Unfortunately, there has been no pressing reason to invest in the massive quantities of batteries it would take to store that much energy, and so it hasn't happened yet.

One major problem with wind and solar power is that it is not an on-demand source. In other words, the sun will never shine at the right time to power street lights and you can't count on the wind to blow exactly when you want to turn on your computer. In order to make these alternative energy sources viable as major sources of power, a method of storing their energy is a must.

TriTrack battery mules will be that energy storage system. The battery mules will be the property of the electric company, the city, or some combination of both. With this extremely large energy storage capacity and by charging the batteries at off-peak hours, the power company can level its power load during the day. With the backup energy stored in the battery mules, power companies won't have to lean so heavily on fossil fuel when it's cloudy or the wind isn't blowing.

This is the perfect opportunity for power companies to increase their business without angering society. There are so many programs aimed at lowering energy consumption by reducing electricity use. By shifting energy from the gasoline station to the electric company, the TriTrack would lower total energy use thanks to its increased efficiency, and at the same time open up a whole new market for the power company.

They can help us:

The power company has dominion over the power poles. They already posses right of way in the space that would be ideal for TriTrack guideways. The power cables can be run down the center of the guideway, hiding then from view on the street and protecting them from the elements. The center conduit would allow for easy maintenance of the lines.