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TriTrack Calculator Variables

Definition of Variables Used

x = Distance Traveled (ft)
r = Turning Radius (mi)
vo = Initial Velocity (ft/sec)
vf = Final Velocity (ft/sec>
a = Acceleration (ft/sec2)
g = Acceleration due to Gravity (32.17405ft/sec2)
t = Time (sec)
m = Mass (lbsmass)
ho = Initial Height (ft)
hf = Final Height (ft)
Fd = Air Drag Friction Force (lbsforce)
Frf = Rolling Friction Force (lbsforce)
W = Work
K = Kinetic Energy
U = Potential Energy
A = Front Cross-sectional Area (ft2)
cd = Coefficient of Air Drag
&mu = Coefficient of Rolling Friction
&rho = Density of Air (Assumed to be 0.0023769lbsmass/ft3